Fill Dirt & LVC

Fill Dirt Fill dirt is an economical option for filling in holes, old basements, building up low areas or any... View More

1 1/4" clean limestone

Clean Limestone

We stock several varieties of clean/screened limestone for various applications. The smaller sizes listed below are great for spreading or... View More

salt and pepper

Salt & Pepper

1-2″ & 3-5″ $140/ton Also known as Colorado River Rock Becoming very popular in high-end landscaping, water features, and dry... View More

Iowa rock

Iowa Rock

2″ $130/ton The Iowa Rock is primarily black, gray, and white with some red and copper. It is a premium... View More


Concrete Sand

We produce high quality concrete sand for leading ready-mix plants in the Wichita area. It’s often used for state and... View More

well gravel

Washed Gravel

Our gravel products have been aggressively washed and are free of clay and other deleterious substances. We produce a rounded... View More

Ozark Rock

Ozark Creek Rock

3″ Decorative Rock $88.00 Per Ton Washed, Clean Rock With a beautiful variety of red-brown and cream hues, this is... View More

ozark pebble rock

Ozark Creek Pebbles

¾” – 1½” Decorative Rock $88.00 Per Ton Washed, Clean Rock This is a smaller version of the Ozark Creek... View More

colorado cobble

Colorado Cobble

4″ – 8″ $160.00 Per Ton May require some rinsing after installation This Colorado river rock is a colorful blend... View More