Fill Dirt & LVC

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Product Description

Fill Dirt

Fill dirt is an economical option for filling in holes, old basements, building up low areas or any application requiring a fill material that will compact or hold together. Our fill dirt is quite sandy and easy to work with; however, vegetation or grass typically does not grow well on it.


If you need engineered fill material for a building pad, our LVC is an excellent option. LVC, or Low Volume, is a material that meets the “Low Volume Change” requirements of an engineered fill for commercial sites or building pads. We work with dirt contractors and have the capabilities to load and truck large volumes of material to construction sites. Send us your requirements or ask about getting a soil proctor.

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If you're ready to place your order, call us at 316-721-3862 or contact us online. We’re happy to recommend products for you. We also have a product calculator to help determine how much material your project will require, or we can do the calculations for you.

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