Product Calculator

We’ve created a product calculator to help you determine how much rock, sand, or other material will be required for your project. Enter the dimensions of the area you’d like to fill or cover, choose the type of aggregate you’ll be using and get the approximate amount needed. Note: Aggregates are heavy and generally will not cover as much area as expected.


Rock Coverage Chart

This chart will also give you an idea how much material you’ll need, depending on depth of coverage. Keep in mind, some products require a thicker layer to get full coverage. For example, pea gravel only needs about a two-inch-thick layer, whereas Ozark Rock or Garden City Rock needs to be figured at a minimum of 3″.

Approximate coverage for one ton of rock:

  • 1” Deep = 240 Square Feet
  • 2” Deep = 120 Square Feet
  • 3” Deep = 80 Square Feet
  • 4” Deep = 60 Square Feet
  • 5” Deep = 50 Square Feet
  • 6” Deep = 40 Square Feet
  • 12” Deep = 20 Square Feet

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