Washed Gravel

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Product Description

Our gravel products have been aggressively washed and are free of clay and other deleterious substances. We produce a rounded river gravel in a variety of grades that’s suited for a number of applications:

Well Gravel, 3/8″ Minus
Used for well pack, drainage material, specialty backfill-underground tanks and more.

Small Pea Gravel, 3/8 – ¾” (Call for availability)
Perfect for playground areas, walkways, dog runs, and other landscaping applications.

Large Pea Gravel, ¾ – 1 ¼” (Call for availability)
Similar to the small pea gravel, just larger in size.

Commonly used as a construction & utility backfill where good drainage is needed. Lower pricing makes this material a more attractive option than some of the other washed gravel products.

Road Gravel or Road Sand
Typically used on country roads or to control mud on job sites. It can also be an affordable driveway material if a good base has already been established. Area municipalities and contractors prefer the road gravel produced by Northridge Sand because of its quality and coarseness.

Driveway Gravel or Other Crushed Stone
See limestone and driveway rock

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