Hard Rock

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Product Description

The gray/white Hard Rock is a premium option for roads and drives. This rock originates in Eastern Kansas and is not to be confused with other “gray” limestone rock found in nearby deposits. Its hard characteristics and low absorption rate make it a long lasting solution that will not quickly break down. We stock large quantities in several sizes.

1″ Hard Rock

$33.00/ton Retail Price

1″ Concrete Stone

The 1″ Hard rock is very similar to the ¾ Hard Rock, however, it does have more size variation. This product can be used with-out a base rock if the application does not involve heavy traffic. It is very easy to spread/tailgate with a truck, and like the other Hard Rock options, does not track in dust or muck into your house.

¾” Hard Rock

$33.00/ton Retail Price

¾” Asphalt Stone, 709, Moline Rock

This is a very clean product with consistent sizing. Because of this, it is a favorite for residential driveways and parking lots. Use 1-2” of ¾” Hard Rock over 4-6” of base rock and you will have a clean, durable driveway that lasts for many years with minimal maintenance. This rock spreads easily and can be used to enhance old drives by skimming on a thin layer over the existing surface. Other uses include permeable backfill, patio base, and asphalt mixes.

3/8″ Chip

$35.00/ton Retail Price

3/8″ Asphalt Chips

The 3/8″ Chip is produced from the same gray, hard rock deposits. It is typically used as a specialty backfill material for applications requiring an angular rock with good permeability for drainage. These applications include backfills for in-ground pools, retaining walls, buried tanks, etc. Its smaller size also makes it an excellent material for walk-paths, or light-traffic driveways.

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