Base Rock

Base rock or “crusher run” is a blend of both fine and coarse aggregate. The combination of larger and smaller particles allow it to compact tightly, creating a stable base. Learn More »

Product Description

Base rock or “crusher run” is a blend of both fine and coarse aggregate. The combination of larger and smaller particles allow it to compact tightly, creating a stable base or foundation beneath structures like roads, driveways, patios, or portable buildings. Base rock should not be used in drainage applications as it tends to seal off water when compacted.  It is best installed dry as the fines can become quite sticky when wet. If choosing a base rock to be spread or tailgated from a truck, consider using a clean limestone. All base rock tends to become chunky if it is left in the weather for any amount of time making it difficult to spread evenly.


$22.50/ton Retail Price

1 ½” Base

This is the most economical base rock option. AB-3 packs tightly to create a very hard base layer. It contains more fines than the KGE, therefore having more of a tendency to become dusty or sticky. Because of this, it is best not to leave AB-3 exposed. Consider surfacing with ¾ Hardrock if using for driveway or parking applications. Do not use the AB-3 in areas that are already wet or muddy as it can take time for the material to dry out and stabilize.


$25.00/ton Retail Price

1 ¼” Base

KGE is a base rock gradation developed years ago by one of the area electrical cooperatives. It has become a preferred base material used by many contractors and municipalities. It has less fines but is slightly higher priced than the AB-3. KGE is a good option for driveways, parking areas, camper pads, or for filling in potholes. It is slightly easier to spread than the AB-3 and can be left as an exposed surface.


$20.50/ton Retail Price

5/16″ Minus, Paver Base

Limestone screenings are the small chips and dust screened out of the larger rock products. It is easy to work with and often used as landscaping base, or other applications where it can be leveled and compacted into a very hard surface. This material, however, can become quite chunky in a pile and is best used when relatively dry.

Hard Rock Base

$32.00/ton Retail Price

1 ½” Base

Also called Road Rock, this base rock originates in deposits found in eastern Kansas. True to its name, it is much harder than the cream limestone and does not break down or become dusty as quickly as the softer rock. We recommend this product on roads and driveways where a single product is needed for both the base and surface material. This material is available in 1 ½” and 2 ½” minus.

1 X 3

$28.50/ton Retail Price

1”-3” Cream Limestone

This creates a heavy-duty base for commercial parking lots or other heavy traffic applications. 1 X 3 stabilizes better than smaller rock in excessively wet conditions and is great for filling in mud holes, fixing washouts, back filling culverts, etc.

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